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An update on the proposed Disorderly Events Ordinance [Jul. 10th, 2007|06:25 pm]
Northern California punk rock


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[music |Crucifix - Dehumanization]

From a few friends in Chico:

So after much Confusion, searching, and collaboration we seem to have consensus. CMC 9.40 was read to City Counsel on July 3rd. The ER article mentioned it was passed unanimously, but in reality, was only read aloud. City Council will meet Tuesday July 17 in the City Council Chamber located at 421 Main Street. The meeting will take place at 6:30 PM.

There will be a meeting for all interested parties at 498 Humboldt Ave (Zombie House/Langolier) on Thursday the 12th, 8pm.

If you don't come to this meeting, please come to the City Council Meeting! We need to show a united front against this ordinance. The Chico Police Department claims this is for fighting out of control Frat parties, but specifically names actions only occurring at punk/metal shows. This could also be used against street theater, direct actions, any and all bicycling.

Please Spread the word and come out. We need your help! This could be just the beginning. We must stand up now and fight!

Reply if you want a copy of the proposed ordinance.

Thanks to Timmy Turtle and the folks at the Zombie House for hosting!


In addition, for those who would like to share a piece of their minds with the City Council at large, they may be contacted here. To get in touch with them via snail mail, write to:

Chico City Council
P.O. Box 3420
Chico, CA 95927

Hey all-

The city council last Tuesday introduced Chapter 9.40, the "Disorderly Events" ordinance to the Chico Municipal Code. It is supposed to provide "protection from unsafe behaviors likely to cause injury to persons or property or provoke a violent reaction from another person."

The CPD and city attorney's office have seen fit to include a section on slam dancing/moshing/stage diving. On page 3, section B: "A disorderly event is an event at which a person or persons... Make rough bodily contact with other persons or engage in 'slamming' in which participants collide their bodies into each other or... Launch themselves from a stage or similar raised platform into a crowd."

"All persons attending a disorderly event shall immediately disperse upon the order of a police officer. All persons not domiciled at the location of such event shall then immediately leave the premises. No person shall fail or refuse to obey and abide by such an order."

Under the Penalties section:

"A person violating, or causing a violation of, any provision of this chapter is guilty of an infraction. A separate offense is committed for each and every hour or part of an hour during which any such violation is committee or caused or permitted to continue. Each offense is punishable separately from every other offense. This punishment shall be cumulative of and in addition to any other applicable punishment or relief provided by federal or state law or city ordinance."

This ordinance will effectively give police the authority to shut down any punk, metal or hardcore show for no reason. This is completely unacceptable. "Slam dancing" or "moshing" is rarely dangerous, and is simply an alternative form of physical expression. Would they shut down a boxing match or a football or rugby game as well?

This ordinance was introduced last Tuesday, and it will most likely be included on the consent agenda at the next council meeting on July 17th. If on the consent agenda, it will be passed into law without any sort of discussion unless someone from the public requests that it be removed from the consent agenda.

For the sake of the Chico music scene, I ask that you all bring this to the attention of the public. I am on tour at the moment, but I encourage you to contact Brent Hainesworth, one of the Montro's bookers, to talk more about what organization is being done to counter this ordinance. He can be reached at home at 530-892-1101, by cell at 530-521-6428, or by email at b_hainsworth@hotmail.com.

Thank you for you help,

Sean Cummins
Music Director, Crux Artist Collective
Booker, Monstro's Pizza
Drummer, Gruk
Aide d'Camp, Chico Area Pyrate Punx
Very Concerned Resident, Chico
(530) 321-6378

As I said yesterday, if this ordinance is passed, it could have dire consequences for the larger Northern California punk scene. Take action, and let the Chico City Council know that we will not tolerate the further marginalization of our scene.

Ian Bowman Bitchtooth